India is a country where cricket isn’t only played or viewed, but is famous for its heart. Aside from being a cricket-crazy country, we’re increasingly demonstrating love for different sports like football, kabaddi and golfing.

Countless young sports fans throughout the nation are currently hooked on to dream sport Websites & Applications like Dream11, and the amount is rising quickly: 20 million in last count, up from two thousand some 18 weeks ago.

Having a market opportunity of over $1 billion, there’s space for greater entrepreneurs to increase the bets and play their cards correctly. However, how do businessman leverage upon this enormous chance? The response to this query is rather simple — by beginning a Fantasy Gaming Platform.

Let us try to understand the way the Fantasy Sports Platform could be rewarding:

Fantasy Platforms have different Free & Paid competitions for its users. While the Free competitions are for earning more customers, Paid competitions bring in significant area of the earnings. By linking a paid competition, consumer pays an entry charges ranging from Rs 10 to Rs 5000. This figure subsequently goes into the prize pool.

Fantasy Platforms require home a gross profit of 20%-30% that’s still far better than a number of other companies in India.

3rd Party Advertising
Trends reveal that users tend to see Fantasy Platforms often to look at their standingsnew competitions and also to acquire free coins. 50 percent of the users see the programs at least thrice weekly. This opens the road for 3rd party advertisements.

Promotion on these platforms are often very fruitful for brands since it widespreads their own internet presence and help them reach out to the ideal audience. Funtasy11, the official dream program of PBL has partnered with brands such as Carlsberg to cash-in this chance.

Aside from the actual cash involved, Fantasy Sports Platform offers other benefits like virtual money in the shape of coins and sponsored prizes as product. These rewards could be obtained by engaging in forecasts, topping the Hall of Fame and by actively linking the competitions. This motivates 47 percent of their consumers to actively participate in competitions which brings in more revenue (Source-KPMG)

The development of online fantasy sports gambling in India has been driving a deeper link between sports enthusiasts and actual sports. Fantasy sports has transformed many casual sports audiences into committed fans. Every time a sports person evolves into a dream sports consumer, he or she absorbs 80 percent more sport (Source-Financial Express). Accordingly, by raising the relationship between the live sporting action and dream sport, fantasy sports aids boost user participation and participant recognition, which then facilitates increased league recognition. Hence you’ll have an wonderful extent for Dealing with emerging as well recognized sports leagues.

Having spoken about the revenue flows, it is important to comprehend the expenses involved. To prepare a Fantasy Sports Platform, you’ll need to incur the expenses of constructing the system, hosting it on the cloud and incorporating it with data feed suppliers. Apparently Hosting and Data Feed prices are approximately around Rs 20,000/month but the price of constructing the stage from scratch could be humongous contemplating the guys, mind and money demanded for this.

Here is where we at Vinfotech will give you a hand with rapid installation of our White-label Fantasy Sports Platform armed with enabling admin board, engaging UI, higher scalability and strong architecture. Our white-label offering cut-off the significant chunk of prices without compromising on the quality and functionality. Our domain experience functions as a cherry on the top by providing you a hand-holding support during your journey to victory. Individuals with higher business acumen generally often favor a company model with multiple revenue streams. If you’re among these, then it is the ideal time to input Fantasy Sports.

Fantasy Gaming is a huge hit in India and it’s becoming larger day-by-day
To exploit this opportunity of more than $1 billion, most entrepreneurs are now entering fantasy gaming industry
Multiple revenue channels such as advertisements, partnerships and merchandising makes it an exceptionally profitable business