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Explanation of Fees

Once a player is selected to be a member of Sereno Soccer Club, financial commitment begins and each player could be responsible for the following fees, depending on the age level and playing region.

Registration Fees
This is a one-time fee ($275 for 2016-2017 season) that is due at the start of every year to every player.  The fee is due at the time of registration to the club and is non-refundable.  Fees go directly to the club and cover any and all administrative costs to the club.  It will cover insurance, state (AYSA) league registration, field costs, and other expenses due to the club.  If a child joins the club anytime during the seasonal year the registration fee is still due and will not be pro-rated.

Training Fees
This is an annual fee for each player that goes directly to the club and covers all operational costs including but not limited to field fees, insurance costs, coaches and staff salaries, etc.  If a child joins during the seasonal year the training fees may be pro-rated, based on the time of joining and as approved by a Director of Sereno. 

It is preferred that payments are made by debit or credit card each month via automated billing (set-up at the time of player registration).  Families also have the option of paying by cash or check at the Sereno Office.  The fees can either be paid all at once or on a set payment schedule as established by the club.  Processing Fees will apply to any payment schedules and will be due at the time of registration.  If you choose to pay club fees in full, no processing fees will apply.  

Payment Schedules allow payments to be made over a fixed period of months with the last payment due in the same seasonal year.  Failure to make scheduled payments will not only result in a Late Fee Charge but will also prevent the player from playing until the account is up to date.  Late Fees apply should you miss your scheduled payment invoice due date.

Team Fees
These fees are paid directly to the team and are usually broken down into payments.  The exact amount and date due of those payments are determined by each team and the events they attend.  These costs are specific to teams and are set forth by the coach in agreement with the supporting Team Manager and Treasurer.  They cover additional costs incurred by the team such as referee costs, tournament costs, league entry fees, additional league registration fees, other event fees, coaches expenses (such as travel, per diem, hotel, etc.) for tournaments and other miscellanious team expenses.  The Team Manager or Treasurer will prepare a budget so that each member of the team can review anticipated expenses.

Uniform Fees
Every player is responsible for purchasing the required uniform package as determined by Sereno Soccer Club.  We are a Priority Club Partner with Adidas and therefore all product worn by our players and staff must be Adidas (with the exception of footwear) and ordered through our official vendor SOCCER.COM.  The 2016-2017 season is a UNIFORM season for the club and all players are expected to purchase new gear.  Information on ordering will be provided once your child is selected to a team.   PRICING GUIDE

ALL U11-U18 Teams - approximately $450.00
Training (required) - white socks, navy shorts, navy climalite shirt
Pre-Game (required) - gray climalite shirt
Game (U12-U18) - Chelsea jersey, Chelsea shorts, royal socks, white jersey, white shorts, white socks, warm-up and backpack

ALL U7-U10 TEAMS - approximately $375.00
Training (required) - white socks, navy shorts, navy climalite shirt
Game (required) - navy socks, white socks, navy shorts, white shorts, navy jersey, and white jersey
Pre-Game (required) - gray climalite shirt

OPTIONAL FOR U7-U11 Teams (but strongly encouraged):  warm-up, backpack, and ball

** Applies only to U14 - U18 ECNL/WHITE North Teams:
These fees are for Speed, Agility, Strength and Conditioning at Athletes Perfomance Center.  Players are expected to participate in these sessions as part of their regular training schedule.  The cost of the program is $525.00 per player and is a one-time fee payable to the club.  If players from other teams are invited to join these sessions, fees will be due upon invitation and acceptance.  Fees will be pro-rated if necessary for those players.  Traditionally an athlete that signs-up with EXOS would pay over $2,000 for this program.  The EXOS fee is not an optional fee for those teams.

Financial Assistance
Sereno strives to make all programs as cost-efficient and value driven as possible for our families; however we understand that there may be times when families need help.  Sereno offers a Financial Assistance Program for those in need and we do everything possible to make it affordable for families.  Families must submit an application to receive consideration and review application for any other limiations, restrictions, or contingencies. Families that apply for Sereno Financial Aid are expected to also apply for other grants/aids available to them such as the Max in Motion award in partnership with AYSA.  Players in bad standing from prior or current year are not eligible for Financial Assistance.

Financial Assistance Application

Failure to Pay
If a member fails to comply with payments, the following procedures will be followed:

1) The family (email contact as established on player account at registration) receives an email reminder within 1 week from due date of invoice.  
2) If still not paid 2 weeks later, the family receives an email reminder and coach will be notified.  
3) If still not paid 2 weeks later, Player is suspended from all trainings and games until payment is made.  Late fees apply.