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Port of Subs
Port of Subs

College Commitments



Brianna Atterbury Arizona State University

Amanda Dahl Portland State University

Kalena Teufel University of San Francisco

Clare Murphy University of San Francisco



Jenna Bostrom Bakersfield University

Paige Donathan Portland State University

Natalie Duque Benedictine University

Sophia Lettieri Holy Cross university

Allie Nornes George Washington University

Ellie Vasey Portland State University

Rachel Wolter New Mexico State University

Carrie Jones Palm Beach Atlantic University

Delaney Peery Point Loma Nazarene University

Natalie Clark Washinton State University



Alex Dumas Humboldt State University

Taylor Lawson Humboldt State University

Gina Bracamonte Albany University

Carmen Brown Simon Frasier University

Jamie Correa Chandler Gilbert CC

Olivia Hernadez Arizona State University

Izzy Hernadez Cartagena San Deigo State University

Josee Jacobellis Sam Houston State University

Kat Jacobellis Lehigh University

Courtney lankford Xavier University

Kori Lewis University of Texas El Paso 

Kassidy Madrigal Michigan State University

Meredith Reinhardt University of Arizona 

Sophia Struckman M.I.T

Madison Wisely Grand Canyon University

Darya Youssefi Scottsdale Community College

Akira Thorthon Niagra University




Congratulations Class of 2013!  We wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors.

Sereno Girls

Stephanie Petre                           New Mexico State University

Emily Matthews                           US Coast Guard

Devyn Hunley                              University of Arizona

Shelbi Durfee                               Scottsdale Community College

Laynee Laube                              Claremon McKenna

Ashley Mohr                                 Whitworth University

Brittany Robinson                         Whitworth University

Sereno Boys

Mason Robertson                          University of Washington

Matt McCombs                              Lehigh University

Luis Manta                                   Saint Louis University

Kian Johnson                                Grand Canyon University


Mason Robertson Bicycle Kick 2013



Mason Robertson---Signing NLI for the University of Washington 


2012 College Commitments!


Congratulations Sereno Seniors Class of 2012!!


Kyle Jackson                                                                                                                   Columbia University

Bryce Terrill                                                                                                                    Columbia University

Brock Labertew                                                                                                               University of Dayton

Will Ellis                                                                                                                          University of Mass

Douglass Jamison                                                                                                            Amherst

Leo Garcia                                                                                                                       Midwestern Continental

Boston Kimmel                                                                                                                Chapman

Piece Gallan                                                                                                                     Metro State

Cory Zimmerman                                                                                                            University of Memphis

Katie Boyle                                                                                                                      Elon University

Courtney Chung                                                                                                              Paradise Valley Community College

Alyissa deRonde                                                                                                               University of Nevada-Reno

Lucy Lara                                                                                                                        ASU

Shelby Oelschlager                                                                                                          Valparaiso

Jennifer Stuart                                                                                                                Cal State Fullerton

Sydney Tomlinson                                                                                                           University of Cincinnati

Alix Williams                                                                                                                    University of Nevada-Reno

Kim Smith                                                                                                                       Missouri State University

Melia Oschner                                                                                                                  Arcadia University

Darby Price                                                                                                                      University of Houston

Zach Hudson                                                                                                                    Gonzaga

Jacob Gerdes                                                                                                                    University of California Pennsylvania

Sereno Soccer 2011 Boys & Girls' College Signings
Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sereno Soccer Club prides itself on the commitment of our players, NLPP program, coaching staff, trainers, and parents to prepare our players for their college careers. Soon to join our ranks of successful alumni, the following players have made verbal commitments during the 2010/2011 season to continue their playing careers in college:

Sereno Girls (15)

Nikki Adams (2011): Sereno Soccer Club, Chandler, AZ, Forward, University of Idaho
Jessica Burke (2011): Sereno Soccer Club, Gilbert, AZ, Defender, Grand Canyon University
Cady Cartwright (2011): Sereno Soccer Club, Tucson, AZ, Midfielder, Grand Canyon University
Jordan Day (2011): Sereno Soccer Club, Gilbert, AZ, GK, Texas A&M
Addison Guevara (2011): Sereno Soccer Club, Chandler, AZ, Defender, Eastern Oregon University
Nicole Krueger (2011): Sereno Soccer Club, Scottsdale, AZ, Midfielder, Slippery Rock University (PA)
Jessica Lincoln (2011): Sereno Soccer Club, Phoenix, AZ, Forward, Grand Canyon University
Madison Lorenzen (2011): Sereno Soccer Club, Glendale, AZ, Defender, University of Nevada- Reno
Caitlyn Mains (2011): Sereno Soccer Club, Phoenix, AZ, Midfielder, Indiana Wesleyan University
Lorielle McCluskie (2011): Sereno Soccer Club, Scottsdale, AZ, Defender, University of Portland
Taryn McClendon (2011): Sereno Soccer Club, Phoenix, AZ, Forward, University of Tampa
Colleen Meredith  (2011): Sereno Soccer Club, Phoenix, AZ, Defender, West Texas A&M University
Allison Rydberg  (2011): Sereno Soccer Club, Pinetop, AZ, Midfielder, Loyola of Chicago 
Jordyn Greenberg (2011): Sereno Soccer Club, Scottsdale, AZ, Midfielder, Carnegie Mellon
Makenna George  (2011): Sereno Soccer Club, AZ, Midfielder, Grand Canyon University 



Sereno Boys (16)

Alessandro Carotenuto (2011): Sereno Soccer Club, AZ, Occidental College
Corey Christ (2011): Sereno Soccer Club, AZ, St. John’s University
Dylan Faggioni (2011): Sereno Soccer Club, AZ, Cal State San Bernardino
Devin Foy (2011): Sereno Soccer Club, AZ, Chapman University
Kevin Grigsby (2011): Sereno Soccer Club, AZ, University of Michigan
Ryan Holt (2011): Sereno Soccer Club, AZ, Embry-Riddle
Joe Holway (2011): Sereno Soccer Club, AZ Hobart College
Thor Kellin (2011): Sereno Soccer Club, AZ, Butler University
Andre LeBlanc (2011): Sereno Soccer Club, AZ, Long Island University
Shye Osalvo (2011): Sereno Soccer Club, AZ, Academy in Israel
Michael Schellenbaum (2011): Sereno Soccer Club, AZ, Metro State University
Jordan Stagmiller (2011): Sereno Soccer Club, AZ, St. John’s University
Owen Steinwall (2011): Sereno Soccer Club, AZ, Xavier University
Kyle Summerhill (2011): Sereno Soccer Club, AZ, UC Riverside
Ross Talbert (2011): Sereno Soccer Club, AZ, United States Air Force Academy
Ethan Taplin (2011): Sereno Soccer Club, AZ, University of Arizona

Sereno Soccer 2010 Boys & Girls' College Soccer Commitments
Annual Signing Night March 8th at CATZ

Sereno Soccer Club announces 2010 College Soccer Commitments at Annual Signing Night on March 8th

Nationally recognized soccer club unveils 2010 boys and girls college commitments

Phoenix, AZ - March 8, 2010:  The Sereno Soccer Club in Phoenix, Arizona is excited to announce both boys’ and girls’ college soccer commitments for the graduating class of 2010. The Sereno Soccer College Signing Night will take place at CATZ, 7400 E. Tierra Buena Ln., Suite 105, Scottsdale, AZ 85260, (480) 607-5400 on Monday, March 8, 2010 beginning at 7:15 pm. 
Players & College Commitments
Sereno 92 Girl’s White
Arianna Romero – University of Nebraska
Swat Dash – College of Charleston
Sarah Jackson – Santa Clara University
Samantha Cummings – University of Arizona
Devin Garcia – Northern Arizona University
Nicole Hill – University of Georgia
Ashley Robertson – University of Montana
Carrie Whigham – University of Oklahoma
Julie Johnston – Santa Clara University
Molly Bear – University of Missouri
Samantha Kron – East Tennessee State University
Selena Bracamonte – Mesa State College
Danielle De La Vina – New Mexico State University
Breanna Oddo – Paradise Valley Community College
**Hannah Daly – University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (2009)
**Kayla Johnson – Washington State University (2009)
**Cheyenne Biehl – Wake Forest University
**Ellen Parker – University of Portland
**indicates players already attending college 
Sereno 92 Boys White
McClain Caldwell – University of San Diego
Jared Hanze - Yavapai College
Michael Holbura – University of San Francisco
George Malki – California Polytechnic State University
Thomas Ramos – California State University, Northridge
Justin Taillote – University of California – Berkeley
Quincy Wento – California State University, Dominquez Hills
Shane Stephens – Scottsdale Community College
Sereno 92 Girls White - South
Janelle Brandom – Nicholls State University
Kaitlynn Glendinning – Angelo State University
Katy Nalven – Lyon College
Tori Papp – South Carolina State University
Melissa Pestalozzi – Nicholls State University
Sereno 92 Girls Gold - South
Courtney Watson – University of Montana
Tayler Renshaw - Occidental College
The players are registered to the Sereno Soccer Club and play on one of the following teams in the club;
-       92 Boy’s White Team, 92 Girl’s White Team, 92 Girl’s South Gold Team, 92 Girl’s South White Team
Announcing college commitments and recognizing these players is a moment in which we can appreciate how much work on and off the field the Sereno coaching staff, players and parents commit to in order fulfill their dreams of a college education as well as playing college soccer.


2008-2009 College Commitments

2008-2009 College Commitments

Sereno Soccer Club prides itself on the commitment of our coaching staff, trainers, and parents to prepare our players for their college careers. Visit our alumni page (click here) to see a list of our alumni already in college, on national teams, or playing professional soccer.

Soon to join our ranks of successful alumni, the following players have made commitments during the 2008/2009 season to continue their playing careers in college:

Sereno ‘90 Girls White – On February 4th, 2009 Melanie Johnston signed her National Letter of Intent at Chandler High School to play at Washington State University for Matt Potter and Jason Goodson (two former Sereno coaches).  She will be joining a number of her fellow Sereno alumni:  Erin Holzmeister, Stephanie Phillips, Jacquelyn Roth, Ashley Johnson, Carly Dobratz, Maggie Dougher, Mallory Fox, Kiersten Dallstream, Jenny Christoph, and '92 player, Kayla Johnson.

Sereno ‘91 Boys White – The Sereno ’91 Boys White team already has seven college commitments lined up for the 2009/2010 season. Brendan O’Hearn, Julian Bongiorno, and Quentin Grigsby will all be attending Columbia University in New York City in the fall to continue their careers. James Cohn will be close by in Queens at St. John’s University, while Steven Boyle and Tyler Bradshaw will be furthering their careers at UNLV and Nate Wasson at Grand Canyon University.

Sereno ‘92 Girls White – The Sereno ’92 Girls White team already has seven of its girls committed to play college soccer. Hannah Daly and Kayla John will graduate and begin play in the 2009/2010 season. Sarah Jackson, Samantha Cummings, Carrie Whigham, Cheyenne Biehl, and Ellen Parker are slated for the 2010/2011 college soccer season. To see their college choices, (click here). In addition, former teammates Mana Shim & Zoe Jeffers, who are now playing out of state but earned their scholarships while playing with Sereno, will be playing for Santa Clara. Stay tuned for more commitments from this team on the horizon.